Is outside money influencing our City Council race?

Is outside money influencing our City Council race?

If you reviewed the campaign finances of Bill Moss through Friday March 7 as filed at the City Clerk’s office, you would find that his contributions include:

  • Thousands of dollars from multiple realtor Political Action Committees in Tallahassee and Orlando

  • Thousands of dollars from SW Florida RE developers and their consultants and lawyers

  • Thousands of dollars from non-City voters and non-City of Naples residents


You can read about this PAC here. It describes itself this way:

“In politics, money talks, and Florida Realtors PAC gives us a voice. When Realtors speak through Florida Realtors PAC, Tallahassee listens. And the more money Florida Realtors PAC raises, the louder we speak.” (accessed March 14, 2019 at

  • What impact will all this outside funding have on Bill Moss’s subsequent decision making?

  • Is this kind of influence contributing to a focus on the quality of life for residents?

  • Why is so much outside money flowing into Bill Moss’s campaign?

Please consider these important questions when voting for a candidate for City Council.