Christman for council

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, March 6

NAPLES DAILY NEWS 6:00 a.m. EST Mar. 6, 2019

Christman for council
This letter is in support of Ray Christman for Naples City Council.
In a February 2019, letter to the editor regarding the plan for the Naples Beach Hotel, David Mallon wrote, “I know no one who thinks that 465 Fifth Avenue South was built to the proper scale for Naples. With that as the recent backdrop for how Naples is being developed, no project deserves a ‘measure of trust.’ On the contrary, many feel that trust has already been breached and vigilance is the order of the day.”

Prescient words, indeed. It should be noted that during construction of 465 Fifth Ave. S. literally, millions of gallons of polluted water were pumped under Fifth Ave into the lake across the street. Despite resident uproar, the city allowed this to continue. The lake that fronts the homes on East Lake and West lake drive is now toxic. This is but one example of breach of trust; there are many others. Now more than ever, vigilance must be the order of the day.

On April 2, voters are urged to vote for Ray Christman, a seasoned professional urban planner who will not use a rubber stamp; will not turn a blind eye; will work to conserve the small town feel that makes Naples a special place to live; will foster smart growth and will champion preserving the environment. He did it in Pittsburgh; let him do it again in Naples.
Anne Carlucci, Naples