Alert—Important City Council Workshop Scheduled for Monday October 14, 2019

Just a note to alert you about a very important city council workshop scheduled for Monday October 14, 2019. Three very critical and timely issues are on the agenda including the following:

1- Updated stormwater management plan, including an update on Lakes Management Plans and according to the agenda a discussion of “Options for financing the potential $59 MILLION worth of projects , programs and studies for the next 10 years. The plan also includes an additional $20 MILLION worth of operating costs associated with personnel services and maintenance expenses.”

2-A discussion of building heights in commercial zoned districts. The height limit in the Charter for buildings in commercial zoned districts is 42’ and 3 floors. Numerous variances, however, have been granted allowing for buildings up to  49-50’ for ex in the Fifth Avenue Overlay district. The building height on Fifth ave for many years was 35’. Many are concerned that allowing for building’s over 40% higher than originally envisioned for Fifth ave are not only in conflict with the Charter but are seriously questioning whether the city has the infrastructure to support this intensive level of development, and if so at what cost. (IMP to note related discussion and cost involved re remediation of Spring Lake —which is adjacent to Fifth Avenue and which is part of the stormwater discussion above)

3-The third important item on the agenda is a discussion of “Variances” and "Site Plans with Deviations” from the Land Development Codes.

If you are available to attend the meeting --please plan to do so--and if this is not an option, please share your thoughts with members of city council via email correspondence----- it is very important that members of city council hear from you!

Here is the link to the October 14, 2019 city council workshop agenda: (


City Council Contact Information

Mayor Bill Barnett

Vice Mayor Gary Price

Reg Buxton

Michelle McLeod

Ellen Seigel

Terry Hutchison

Raymond Christman

City Clerk - Rambosk, Patricia