URGENT: (PAB) is meeting this Friday, October 11th - Phase II of the Naples Beach Hotel redevelopment project

The Naples Planning Advisory Board (PAB) is meeting this Friday, October 11th to review Phase II of the Naples Beach Hotel redevelopment project. The second phase of this project consists of over a dozen site plan deviations and conditional use exceptions. Inside of each one of those are numerous elements that are of great concern. An example of one of the deviations is the height of the hotel. The height to the highest point of appurtenance will be 116 feet (when measured from Gulf Shore Blvd, the actual height will be 134 feet tall). Another, the maximum length of a building according to code is 200 feet. But the projected length of the building on the west side of Gulf Shore Blvd will be 307 feet and on the east side of Gulf Shore Blvd the will be 490 feet long. These are but two examples of what is in the requests of developer.

A quote from the Planning Staff to the PAB: “as of the date of this report, Staff has received no written responses...”. The message that the PAB is getting is that there is little to no concern on the part of the residents. We need to change that perception. Please plan on either coming to the meeting and voicing your concerns or send an email to the members of the PAB.

The Vision Survey that many of you took sent a resounding message. The message is... Enough! Too many Variances and Site Plan Deviations!

Let them know, that you believe the Survey was a Call to Action. You made the Call. Now they need to take the Action.

PAB Members:

Thomas Koenig

DAVID J. FEIGHT-Vice Chairman

Thompson Dyke

Mitchell Norgart



John Cross

Amy Taylor-Lockhart