Your support is making a difference!

With your support, Citizens for Preserving Naples is making a difference in the D Downtown Zoning the Community Redevelopment Agency is considering!

The CRA was considering increasing land development rights in the redevelopment district between US 41 and Goodlette Frank just west of Old Naples.  The recommendations being considered included increasing building density and height without adding additional parking.  With your help and support, the diligent labors of John Lehman of the ONA, the efforts of Citizens for Preserving Naples, and the residents we were able to move the dial back toward preserving the charm and character of Naples as we know it!

Read about it here:


See two of our board members being interviewed on NBC News:

But the fight is not over!!!  Our fight for the D Downtown Zoning continues next to the Planning Advisory Board and then to the City Council.  We must press on and here is how you can help:


Show up and voice your opinion:  We will inform you of the next meetings are and encapsulate the key points and concerns.  Sign up for updates here:


Tell five friends:  We need critical mass!  Have them sign up for our email updates at


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Write to your Mayor and Council members:

Mayor - Bill Barnett

Vice-Mayor - Linda Penniman

City Council Office - email


Reg Buxton

Doug Finlay 

Michelle McLeod 

Sam Saad III 

Ellen Seigel


With your continued help and support, we can win this fight!  Thank you for your support and also a thank you to the residents that attended the meeting in support of our cause.


Citizens for Preserving Naples

Working to preserve the charm and character of Naples…from Port Royal to Park Shore