Phil McCabe

Naples council in 2015 approved Fifth Avenue development concept that was rejected by 2003 council

Naples City Council approved a controversial Fifth Avenue South redevelopment project last fall, more than a decade after a previous council rejected a near-identical concept based on an analysis that the plans violated the city charter.  By voting against a developer's request in 2003 to construct a three-story hotel above a level of underground parking, the council followed the opinion of its lawyer, Bob Pritt, who said the project likely violated charter limits on building design.  

Naples developer Phil McCabe draws praise, criticism as he forges ahead with new Fifth Avenue vision

The developer responsible for this Fifth Avenue Redevelopment is “Naples developer Phil McCabe who drew praise, criticism as he forges ahead with new Fifth Avenue vision.” It's an interesting time to be Phil McCabe. One of a handful of developers often credited for revitalizing the city's main business district, McCabe has made a living for much of the past 30 years investing millions into downtown retail, hotels and restaurants. But last year, McCabe may have taken his most ambitious steps yet. He went public with plans for two projects that, by his words, would create a new look for Fifth Avenue South and the surrounding area.