Ethics Code Change

Dear council,

The following is a letter from concerned citizens and myself. We look forward to the meeting and the intentional  discussion about the changes presented to council by staff.

Thank you for all your efforts for the City.



To the City council for the record.



Citizens For Preserving Naples



September 2, 1016


Dear Mayor Barnett and Members of the City Council,


I am writing on behalf of a new citizens organization in Naples – 

 “Citizens For Preserving Naples”.   “Citizens” has been formed (and is being developed) by Naples citizens concerned about preserving the historical character and quality of life unique to the Naples community; and concerned about addressing many of the city governance issues widely discussed in the 2015 City Council election.

            In the future Citizens For Preserving Naples hopes to provide meaningful and respectful input to the Council on a wide range of issues coming before the Council.  Central to “Citizens” efforts will be a focus on the difficult and contentious land use, development, and infrastructure issues facing the Naples community.  

We look forward to assisting the Council in protecting Naples from the adverse elements of the development pressures now pressing on Naples.  As part of this effort, our members hope to constructively exchange views on these issues with the Council.  “Citizens” in turn will report to our members and other concerned citizens in the Naples communities on the efforts and actions of the individual Council members in responding to these issues.

            Immediately on our agenda is the proposed repeal of the City Ethics Code scheduled for a Council vote at the September 7th Council meeting.  We respectfully urge the Council to reject the proposed repeal.  

The reasons for our position are set forth in the attached issue paper which addresses questions about the proposed repeal.  As noted above, the best course is that the proposed repeal be voted down.  At a minimum, we ask the Council to postpone any action on any repeal proposal until the Fall or Winter when the large portion of Naples residents who are away for the Summer have returned home and can participate in the debate on the ethics issue.


Sincerely yours,


Teresa Heitmann